We highly recommend you listen to our podcasts in chronological order beginning with episode 1.

Episode 14 – Near Death Experiences-Part 1

People around the world have had what are referred to as “Near Death Experiences”. After they were declared clinically dead, they came back to life with stories to tell. We take a look at several of these stories as published in popular books.

Episode 15 – Near Death Experiences-Part 2

Part 2 of the series on Near Death Experiences (or NDEs); A deep dive into a clinical book on the subject with the goal being to compare it against numerous scripture references regarding heaven (as presented in Episode 13).

Episode 19 – Intro to Patriarchs – Part 1

As an introduction to the Patriarchs of the Old Testament, a discussion about the Trinity and a possible covenant between the members of the Trinity (implicit or explicit)

Also:  Corey’s estimates regarding the number of people we expect to find in heaven

Our podcasts are episodic, not topical. Therefore, we recommend you listen to them in order.

Listening to them out of order may be confusing. We may have defined a key element in a previous episode that sets up another element in a later episode.